World of 45

Never in the history of America, can the Presidency be compared to a soap opera.  This current administration has all the makings of a Presidential sitcom.  But what else can you expect when the leader of the country was once called the “King of Reality TV.”

The Trump administration has brought more drama to Americans than the Kardashian’s or the “Real Housewives of (whatever city)” ever could.  Since taking office the Trump administration has given us the Mueller Investigation into Russian interference, the plight of Stormy Daniels, hiring of individuals with no experience, firing of individuals that disagrees with him, a secret group in the white house that are there solely to restore law and order to America, Omarosa (again, just when we thought she was gone), the West family values on prison reform (and other stuff that leave us scratching our head), and the list of entertaining items just keep going.

The King of Reality TV, would probably be more comfortable in the White House if there were TV cameras following him 24/7.  However, Homeland Security probably wouldn’t allow it, since to follow the President that much would expose secrets that could threaten national security.  Let’s think about it, suppose we knew from watching TV, what the President thought, did, ate, slept, who he doesn’t like, and just kept the drama going on and on.   We as the American public would get sick of the saga of 45.   It’s a good thing he does not have a reality TV show in the White House… Oh wait, I forgot….he has twitter.  Twitter has become the President’s personal show.

When the President sends out a tweet at 3am, it’s not because he can’t sleep, it’s because he feels that no one is talking about him and his ratings are going down. 

But, what is the true price that Americans have paid to be entertained?  Most of the regulations passed under President Obama have been repealed, EPA has become less regulated, we have a very conservative Supreme Court (remember that’s a life time appointment), trying to make it easier for companies to drill in national parks, and other forms of de-regulation that this administration has passed all while we were being entertained.

We can’t blame the President for all the things that are occurring to the United States of Corporate America (sorry about the typo I meant the United States of America….or did I?).  Most of us have learned in school, that the United States Government was divided into three separate branches, to serve as a check and balance.  That was a great theory, which worked in the days before we got a billionaire entertainer for President and a Congress that was elected by the people but only cares about corporate subsidies and kickbacks. 

This November, it’s time to reform and repeal the current Congress, state legislators, and anyone else running for an elected office, who’s views and values are not beneficial to America.  We have brave men and women that took a peek behind the veil, and are running to make a difference against the odds. 

We can’t let the entertainment of 45 distract us from what’s really happening to our country.  It’s time to energize, strategize, and vote.   However, we can’t just vote for anything (that’s how we got the Trump saga).  We must stand up and vote Blue.  I’m going to wear a plain blue shirt to the polls to show my solidarity, for a movement (not a wave because waves come and go, but movements are the things that promote change).  A movement that says we are not asleep, we are not entertained, and we are going to take a stand to take our country back.

Written by Mozella Bell, Louisana FDW