Guidelines for Nomination and Selection

  1. In submitting the supporting information for a nominee, follow the criteria which is the basis for evaluating nominees. For Criteria of the three awards, see awards list.

  2. Present supportive material as numbered exhibits with the letter of nomination.

  3. Nominations are to be submitted by State Federations, or where the entire state is not federated, by a member club. The nominee need not be a resident of the state submitting the nomination.

  4. The nominee must be present at the National Convention to receive the award, unless some unforeseen event occurs to prevent attendance.

  5. Organizations are requested to limit nominations to one per category.

Application Process

State Presidents are requested to submit the letter of nomination and supporting documents to the Chair of the Awards Committee. For internship nominations, include the application form.

For 2019 awards, submit your information and letters by email to Awards Chair, Peggy Stepp at Deadline for nominations must be received by May 1, 2019 in order to be considered.