Communications and Calls to Action

    **CALL TO ACTION* June 30, 2018


At the 47th annual convention of the National Federation of Democratic Women, several resolutions were adopted after presentation by the Resolutions Committee.  One certain resolution was adopted pertaining to the separation of immigrant children from their families at the border.  The horrendous and inhumane treatment of children, from infants to teens, by the current administration must be stopped.

STATE PRESIDENTS:  I call upon you to join together with NFDW leadership to present the attached resolution to your congressional and state legislators on June 30, 2018, which has been declared a National Day of Action “Families Belong Together” with nationwide marches being scheduled.

Our resolution carries weight on the confused federal policy without any clean plan for managing this humanitarian crisis created by President Trump.  Our federations and congressional leadership must stand up and vote for compassionate and intelligent action.

The best practice for distributing the resolution is via fax to the legislator’s congressional office.  You may fax direct from your computer using FaxZero and there is a list of legislator’s fax numbers on the site.  Visit if you would like to use the free service.

**Please make sure to take care of this important function as State President.  Making sure the voices of democratic women in your state is heard with your congressional members, whether they are Democrat or Republican is the most important thing we can do.   Help us honor families on the National Day of Action by showing up, standing up and speaking up for what is right.**

 Susanna L. French, President

National Federation of Democratic Women

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