The following awards are presented annually during the NFDW Convention. The awards started with our NFDW founder, Rilla Moran Woods and others in 1986. States are encouraged to recognize Outstanding Democrats in these categories. States forward their nominees to the Awards Committee for consideration. The Awards Committee chooses the recipients and presents the winners during the Awards Luncheon at the NFDW Convention. For further information on the nominee procedure, go to Applications and Instructions

Outstanding NFDW Member of the Year

This award is given to a NFDW member who has met the following criteria:

  • Current active member of the NFDW who personifies NFDW objectives (i.e., Article II, Bylaws: The objective of the NFDW shall be to unite women of the Democratic Party, to promote the cause of the Democratic Party and to encourage full participation of women in every level of the Democratic Party structure). 
  • Contribution by the nominee to the growth, development and promotion of NFDW.
  • National scope and statue of the nominee. 
  • Personal political involvement by the nominee. 

Outstanding Elected Democratic Woman Holding Public Office

This award is given to an elected official who has met the following criteria:

  • Current elected Democratic office holder of national, regional, state or local scope. 
  • Demonstrated support of NFDW by nominee. 
  • Significant contribution to the Democratic Party and it's principles by the nominee. 
  • Demonstrated commitment by the nominee to the success of other Democratic women in the Party organization and for elective office. 

NFDW Humanitarian Award

This award is given to a person who has met the following criteria: 

  • Significant contribution to the cause of human and/or civil rights. 
  • Demonstrated support of the NFDW.
  • Nominee possesses leadership qualities. 
  • Nominee's success in achieving human and/or civil rights. (The nominee may be male or female but must meet the criteria.)